This module effectively "drills down" to personally assess each individual involved in the credit control function. The questionnaire can be completed in total privacy, as each member has their own username and password. It can also be used to form the basis of an on-line employee appraisal. The module assesses the eight principle areas of credit management listed below, and helps identify key strengths and training needs both within credit control systems and personal motivation.

There is one section that is active below. Click on the "Collection Techniques" link to see an illustration of a questionnaire.

1. Value of Credit Management
2. Personal Development (PMA)
3. Customer Service / Delight
4. Credit Risk Assessment
5. Interpreting Financial Statements
6. Collection Techniques :
7. Housekeeping
8. Legal & Insolvency
Personal Assessment Module
The Personal Assessment Module gives you the ability to assess your knowledge and understanding of the EPOCC Protocol ('Eight Principles of Credit Control'). Such an assessment determines the relative strengths and weaknesses of the interpersonal skill levels, and technical comprehension and competence of staff.